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General Buying Decisions

Nitro or Electric? Page 4 of 4


There's no clear winner in the debate between nitro & electric power for RCs. What's best for you won't be what's best for the next hobbyist. If you're not sure which you will like best in the long run, pick one to start with, get used to it, and then try the other for awhile. You might even discover that you like them both.

  Nitro Electric
Speed, RTR Very Good Fair
Speed, upgraded Great Great
Acceleration Very Good Great
Power band RPM-happy Torquey
Ease of starting out Medium Easy
Maintenance Can be difficult Medium
Initial purchase cost High Low
Long-term cost Medium Low to Very High, depending upon how fast you want to go
Sound level Loud Quiet
Driving environments Almost exclusively outdoors Indoors or out, but nothing wet
Key strengths Fast out of the box, realistic sound, long runtimes Easy to get started with, clean, quiet
Key weaknesses Loud, messy, tuning can be difficult Batteries take time to charge, upgrading to go very fast can be very expensive

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