What makes up an RC?

Common Components


There are three types of power sources used in RC -- electricity, nitromethane, and gasoline (petrol). Most RC land vehicles are electric, ranging from the tiniest 1/64th scale ultra-micros up to 1/10th scale. Aircraft are more split, with electric power favored in smaller models. Nitromethane, or "nitro," is the most popular type among hobby-level cars & trucks as well as larger aircraft. Nitro vehicles are often mistakenly called "gas" RCs because they make a loud engine sound when running and give off visible exhaust. Both electric and nitro RCs can be extremely fast and they each have long lists of strengths (see the Nitro or Electric section for more on this). RC cars & trucks that are actually powered by gasoline, the same type you put in a real car, are generally 1/6th to 1/4th scale. They may be the most durable and inexpensive to run, but their high initial price and large size limits their popularity.

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